Homelessness & Housing Affordability

Homelessness affects our entire community.  Most of us now know someone whether a friend, family-member, or neighbor who has experienced homelessness.  In addition to those directly affected, homelessness diminishes all of our quality of life, the vibrancy of our business districts, and the problems associated with it are threatening public safety.  This is the defining issue for Snohomish County – it’s time we elected someone with the experience to deal with it.


In my work at the County, I manage homeless housing and human services programs.  I supported and expanded the program for law enforcement embedded social workers, connecting those in need to social services and diverting people from the criminal justice system.  Now we need to expand proven, cost-efficient methods such as rapid rehousing and supportive housing to get more people off the streets and to reduce the high cost of crisis responses including housing people in jails, psychiatric hospitals, and emergency rooms.

Lastly, we must address affordability by expanding housing options and working to boost wages – not only to reduce homelessness, but to improve the quality of life for all of our residents.

Jobs & Income Inequality

To build the economy from the middle out, we need to attract more family-wage jobs to keep up with our growing population.  I’ll work to partner with our labor unions, local chambers, and business districts to expand entrepreneurship and invest in apprenticeships and workforce training programs.  I support improving pay and workplace standards to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to get ahead here in Snohomish County.

Addressing the Opioid Epidemic

Last year alone, police intervened in 235 opioid cases in our community.  Opioid addiction is a major driver of property crimes and threatens all of our neighborhoods.

We need to hold big pharmaceutical companies

responsible to pay their fair share of the cleanup for this problem.  I support the County’s lawsuit against Purdue and will fight for the taxpayers’ interest.  We also must increase treatment and prevention, including doubling down on supportive and stabilization programs that increase compliance and reduce relapse rates.

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